1. Sonax Wheel Cleaner

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Safe on all wheels that came from the factory: Safe for Different Wheel Finishes, Including Chrome, Aluminum, Steel, Clear Coated, PVD, Painted, Plastic Wheel Covers, Or Magnesium, Acid-Free, pH Balanced Formula Won’t Destroy. 

See It Develop: Whenever the stainless steels (Iron) from brake dust or even other dirt and grime encounter the color-changing formula, it becomes active. Spraying fluorescent yellow, Full Effect transforms to deep red and purple because it dissolves brake dust.

Advanced Chemistry That Works: Solubilizes and Has Complete Action, Non-Acid Wheel Cleaner stubborn brake dust baked on. Spray it on, let it sit, keep an eye out for change in color, stir if necessary, and then rinse with water. *For Best Effects, Rinsing with High Pressure Water Has a Wonderful Impact for Both Professionals and Do-it-yourselfer. Get Shiny Wheels Which Will Make Your Car Appear Like It’s Just Rolled Off from the Showroom Floor Effortlessly. 

This product has secured 16th position in automotive wheel care.


2. Heavy-Duty Wheel Cleaner, Riot's Garage

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All-wheel finishes are secure. PH-balanced, not caustic, not acidic. 

Viscous liquid remains on the wheel to disperse and dislodge brake dust and filth. As the product interacts with brake dust, the color changes. Top your bottle with a gallon refill to save money. 

This product has secured 20th position in automotive wheel care.

3. Maguire’s G180132 Ultimate All Wheel Cleaning

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EFFICIENT: Active gel swiftly breaks down thick brake dust camp; turns purple when it does so. Fit Type: All-Purpose Fittest.

ROUGH ROAD WHEELS: Hard on dirt and debris, but just not your wheels. pH-balanced and acid-free, safe for all wheels. Secure ON PAINTED BRAKE COMPONENTS: delivers effective cleaning while being safe, friendly. 

This product has secured 24th position in automotive wheel care.

4. Mothers 05924 Foaming Wheel cap Tire Cleaning

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Spray those foams and is non-acidic is designed to swiftly and easily clean tires and wheels, including their black walls and whitewalls.

Safe for factory-coated, painted, clear coated, colored, steel, modular, chrome, and coated All sorts of brake dust, oil, filth, and grime are safely penetrated, dissolved, and suspended thanks to a novel spray-on, hose-off design.

Only to be used with hubcaps and factory/OEM coated wheels. Steers clear of anodized, billet, or polished aluminum wheels. Use not recommended on motorcycle wheels, casings, or parts. 

This product secured 25th position in automotive wheel care.

5. Adam's Wheel Cleaner.

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WHAT MAKES ADAM’S WHEEL CLEANER THE BEST? Which area of your car sustains the most damage? Your tires!

Your wheels are almost always dirty because of the constant heat, the elements, and the constant brake pollutants. Wheels will be pristine after using Adam’s wheel cleaning chemical formula, which was created specifically to target and eradicate heavy brake dust.

ADVANCED CHEMISTRY – Wheel Cleaner is developed to supplement your stockpile of auto cleaning materials. An efficient wheel cleaner, car wash soap, tire shine, and some kind of paint protection are essential components of every basic auto detailing kit. This cutting-edge wheel cleaner has a straightforward spray-and-agitate recipe. You will undoubtedly agree that this substance is the best wheel cleaning and brake dust remover you have ever used. 

AUTO CLEANING MADE SIMPLE – Most wheel cleaners might damage the finish on your wheels and disintegrate more than you intended to remove. Fast-acting Adam’s Polishes Wheel Cleaner removes tenacious metallic contaminants. Spray this Wheel Cleaner on the brake dust, and watch it bleed brilliant purple before falling off. Your wheel cleanup time will be much reduced thanks to our pH neutral and acid-free composition, which removes grime and dirt at the source. 

IS THE FINISH ON MY WHEEL SAFE? – Nearly all wheel finishes, including clear-coated, powder-coated, chromium, alloy, and painted wheels, are safe to use with Adam’s Wheel Cleaner. On polished aluminum wheels, aftermarket bare metallic wheels, and raw anodized aluminum wheels, it could not be secure. Cleaning and Wheel and or Tire Cleaner a try!