Overheating the most common problem to occur in cars is overheating. Any type of car can get overheated, and it depends upon different circumstances. Heating issues in vehicles are very common around the globe. It may occur due to several reasons. Those common reasons are stated below: –

1: - Leaks in the Cooling System

One of the main causes is leaks in the cooling system. It means the cooling system of the car is not working properly, and it may have any kind of leak in the body. This leads to overheating of the car. But don’t worry if there is problem, we got the solution for you. HOW TO FIX LEAKS IN COOLING SYSTEM: -If you are having leaks in cooling system, it may lead your car towards heating issues. But don’t you worry, you can fix it by yourself. Leaks through any hose can buy tighten easily by a wrench or hand, but if the leak is through the hose itself it can be replaced. A new hose can be found easily in the market. But sometimes the leak is in some difficult places which are hard to reach. And if you’re not comfortable fixing your car by yourself, you should see a professional and get it fixed in time. However, you should not drive your car without getting it fixed because it can be loss of your own money and can be dangerous to the environment.


Using incorrect coolant for your vehicle can also be a cause of the heating issue, using a specific and correct type of coolant for the car is important and must. As it helps your car to run smoothly and prevent it from getting heated up. WHAT KIND OF COOLANT SHOULD I USE? What type of coolant you should use depends upon the model and engine of your car. You should contact the company or read the manual of your car. By doing this, you can get to know the type of coolant you should use.


A loose hose clamp is also a cause for the engine overheating. Whenever you notice the loose hose clamp or get to know about it, fix or replace it as soon as possible.


One of the reasons is a faulty or broken thermostat. It can be fixed or replaced easily by watching online tutorial or by having a professional at your doorstep.



5: - Clogged or Cracked Car Radiator

Car radiator helps the car to remain cool. If the car is getting heated, then there will be a radiator issue. It can be cracked or clogged. You should repair it as soon as possible.

6. Worn Out or Burst Hoses­

Hoses which are worn out or burst or have cracks in it can lead to engine leakage, and it will cause in engine overheating issues. Replace your hose asap to prevent the car from getting heated.

7. Bad Radiator Fan

A radiator fan is used to keep the coolant cool, and it helps the engine to remain cool. But if the car is keep getting heated up, it may be a cause that the car’s radiator fan is broken. It leads the engine towards overheating. Fix this problem as soon as possible as it can take a lot of your time and money to get fixed if somehow it gets delayed, or the user ignores it.

8. Loose or Broken Belts

If the belt is broken or loose, it will be not able to maintain correct volume of coolant flow in the engine. This thing will tend to overheat the car.

9. A Faulty Water Pump

Water pump is used for throwing water in engine and keep it cool. But if the engine is not getting water from the pump, it means that the water pump have a fault, or it is broken, which will be the cause of the overheating issue.

10. Low Oil Level

Engine oil helps the engine to remain smooth and cool. It helps the engine to work properly by keeping it properly lubricated and friction less. If the engine oil level is low, the car will be overheated. So, check the engine oil regularly and keep it full.