First, what is rusting? Rusting is when the body of your gets to deteriorate due to oxidation. The process in which iron reacts with water and moisture. The material used in building car bodies also have amount of iron and can be trusted. The automobile industry has tried a lot over the time to stop rusting, but the truth is rusting cannot be stopped as it happens over time to any type of car. What are the types of rusting?

1: Surface rust

It can be found on the top layer of the car, in the shape of scratches, or paint damages. But it can be easily removed by yourself when found.

2: Scale rust

This type of rust can occur when you don’t remove the surface rust in time. It can lead towards major paint damage, panel damage to your car.

3: Penetrating rust

Salt is one of the causes This type of rust is the most dangerous type of rust that can occur to your car. This happens when you don’t remove the surface and scale rust. It can eat up your car away and the only remedy will be replacing the body parts of your car. What are the reasons for rusting? -Some of the most common causes are as follows: –

1: Salt

for the rusting of your car. The body can get salt by roads, we meant that salt used on roads for clearing of snow or if you’re living near the ocean, your car can get salt on itself or underneath part of the body. If you don’t clean it in time it can lead towards rusting of the body.

2: Climate

If you let your car unprotected and in open air, due to rain different weather, winds sandstorm climate change can be a reason of car rusting. Yes, automobile companies prepared the car for such circumstances, but excess of everything is bad if you don’t care for it.

3: Poor maintenance

If you don’t maintain your car timely, it can be a major cause of rusting. As humans maintain their self to look good in every aspect of life, you should keep your car clean and maintain it on time. By doing this, the chances of rusting will be minimum. But unfortunately, many peoples ignore this part and at the end they must face rusting.

 How can you prevent rust?

1: By rustproofing your car

As there are many causes to get rust, and you’ll be happy after this in today’s world there are many methods from which you can prevent rust. One of them is by rustproofing your car. In market there are paint protection firms, rust proofing sheets. This can help your car by protecting its paint and body from different rust causes.

2: Car waxing

Whenever you tend to clean your car, use car wax. But many peoples use different regular shampoos which can damage your car, you should purchase different and specific car waxes.

3: Park it safely

By parking your car under sunlight or in open air it can get rust on it. So, park your car safely under a shade, or we suggest you to park your car in a garage, not only for saving it from rust, but it can also ensure the safety of your car for getting hit or stolen.

4: Wash your car regularly

By washing your car regularly, it will keep it clean all the time and will protect it from rusting. You can wash it by yourself using different equipment’s or by your hands. And if you don’t want to wash it by yourself, you can take the car to a washing station.