Gearbox is the most important component of a vehicle. It will be not wrong saying that gear box is the heart of the car. Gearbox is the combination of different machine components which works combined to shift.


Gearbox is also knowing as transmission box. Gearbox is normally a combination of different mechanical components which are normally found in automobile industry. Transmission is normally used to shift gears of a car, which helps the car to perform more efficiently and can also be used to slow down the car. The number of gears normally depends on the speed of the car. As now you know that what is a gearbox or transmission, now let us discuss some common problems and their solutions. Common problems and their solutions and how you can prevent them

1: Less Acceleration and Throttle Response

If you find a slight delay in your car’s acceleration, then there might be a problem with your manual gearbox. And in automatic transmission, this delay can be more frequent and prolonged. But it can be dangerous and alarming for your car if you don’t notice any change in the speed of your car after shift of a gear.


1-Faulty or problematic clutch.

2-Exhausted plates.

3-Deteriorated master cylinder.

4-Presence of air in the fluid passage.

5-Worn out clutch.


Solutions for these problems

In almost all cases these causes can cause a big problem and can be problematic and can affect your car. The only remedy is to replace these parts and in the case of air presence in fluid passage, simply drain out the fluid channel.


2: -Transmission fluid spillage or leakage

Transmission fluid is really important for the gearbox, as it helps the gear box to remain lubricated and work properly. But if you notice any leakage under the car it might be transmission fluid, this fluid can be identified easily as it has bright orange color.



1-Excessive high oil level in the enclosure.

2-Incorrectly installed or damaged oil seals or gaskets.

3-Crack in the gear casing.

4-Loose nuts or bolts.

5-Filler plug or loose.



You should check your car oil level frequently and keep it full, and check the seals and if they are damaged then replace it quickly, but if you detect this problem too late filling up the oil and changing the seals will not be really helpful, detecting it late will go to charge you a lot of money and time. So keep an eye on your car for the betterment of you and your car.


3: Grinding Noise and Buzzing During the Gear Shifts

Shaking of your car or grinding noises are the most commonly occurring issues during the gear shift. You may notice noises and buzzing in your car during the gear shift.



1: Dry rear-wheel bearing on the main shaft.

2: A damaged speedometer drives gears.

3: Insufficient lubrication.

4: Worn out bearings and shaft.

5: Too much recoil in a gear training.



If you notice this while stepping up the clutch and removing foot from it, then you should replace it immediately, you can do it by yourself or can see a professional. But we suggest you see a professional. 

4: Facing difficulty in gear shifting

If you’re facing difficulty while shifting into next or previous gear, there might be a serious problem with your transmission box. And you shouldn’t ignore this problem, as it doesn’t seem to be serious one but believe us it is.



1-Defective or damaged clutch linkage.

2-Excessive tough shifter lock spring.

3-Distorted main shaft splines.

4-Synchronisation error in automatic transmission.

5-Thrashed gear.



As we told you it is a really serious issue for your car, and if you don’t want to get it worse you should take your car to the authorized dealership or a good mechanic who knows his work.

5: Gear slipping

If you feel that your car gear is not responding or synchronizing with the shift, then it may be a problem of gear slipping.



Gear slipping is known as if the car slips back to previous gear or getting into neutral.



1-Damaged or broken shift fork or lock spring.

2-Insufficient gear mesh.

3-Exhausted gear, bearing retainers or bushing.

4-Faulty gearbox and engine alignment.

5-Excessive clearance between gear teeth in mesh.

6-Insufficient transmission fluid.



You should take your car to service center immediately and should replace these parts to solve the problem.


6: Burning smell

If you smell something burning it might be from your gearbox, but first you should check it properly to get to know. Because it can be accompanied of other gear problems.



1-Overheating of transmission fluid.

2-Low fluid level in the enclosure.

3-Inappropriate fluid.



You should use proper specific gear oil or fluid which is recommended for your car, and always keep it fill properly.

7.Congested Filter

A filter is used for keeping the fluid clean and preventing the gear from friction to avoid any type of problem. But if the filter is cloaked or need to be changed, problems will go to occur.



1-Not changing or replacing the filter for a long time.



In many cases, replacing the filters will solve the problem. But if it is still not happening, you should take you to a professional.

How to Prevent Gearbox Problems?

So, as you know about gearbox and its issues and problems. Now you will know the precautions you can take and can delay or even eliminate the issues from even happening in the first place. Some of them are stated below:-

1-Always check your gear oil or fluid regularly.

2-Shift the gear responsibly, don’t let it overheat.

3-Warm up your car, before going on a drive.

4-Dont ever overload your car.

5-Last but not the least, take your car on time to service center for its service, running.