As world is going towards success and a lot of changes, automotive industry has also been evolved. Today, most of the cars are having electrically powered windows. Which can be open or closed by just using a button. But as the there are inventions in car industry, with every invention we have a new problem. As for the windows there are many common problems occurring, but don’t you worry, if you want solutions and reasons, you are at the right place. In this article, you’ll know about the issues’ people face in power windows, and we will provide you with solutions for it.


There are many reasons that your power windows aren’t working or not working properly. Let us discuss some common causes of power windows not working

1: -Window lock button is on

One of the most common causes is window lock button is on. It is just a safety feature that let you lock all windows, and this button is situated on the driver side door. Sometimes the driver mistakenly presses the lock button, and the windows are locked, so whenever your windows are not working properly just check your lock button is on or off.

2: -Bad window regulators

Window regulators are a machine which let you move the window up and down. This mechanism is situated in all four doors and the button is connected through wires. One of the reason is that window regulator can be damaged or in bad shape or even the wires can be damaged or disconnected. If the wires are damaged or disconnected, just replace the wires or reconnected them. But if it’s still not working, you must replace the whole regulator.

3: -Bad fuse

Fuse are situated in every window regulator. If by pressing the button up and down windows are not moving then, the fuse can be the culprit. The fuses can be broken, or commonly they just fried up. The only remedy is to replace them.

4: -Snow and ice

If you are living in a snowy area or a place where snow fall, ice is a normal thing, can affect the movement of your window. Parked under the snow or in a cold place can freeze up your car window regulators and will affect the movement. So just melt the ice or park your car in a place where snow and ice can’t reach it.

5: -Torn, loose, or dirty window gasket

Gasket in windows are used to keep the rain and wind out of the car, and it helps the windows to stay align. If the gasket is sticky or have derbies in it, it can affect the window movement, and it’ll be hard for the motor to move it. Just by cleaning the gasket, you can fix this problem. Cleaning gasket is not so difficult.

6: -Bad power window switch

The window switch is powered by wires connecting the motor. If the buttons are not working properly then, it can affect the movement of windows. It will be hard to pull the window up or down. Why this happens? It can happen by using the buttons more frequently or pressing them harshly. Just see which button is not working and replace them, replacing them is not so expensive as it is cheap compared to other problems.

7: -Wiring issues

The window switch is connected to the motor through different series of wires. It is not common that there will be a wiring issue, but it can happen. If this issue crosses your path, just take your car to a professional mechanic, and it will be fixed.

8: -Dirty window tracks

The windows slide along metal rails inside the door. As time passes, these rails get dusty or the fluid which keep the windows moving smoothly just dries up. You just need to clean the rails or just pour the fluid in it.