Nothing is more irritating than having bad fuel mileage. It means your vehicle is not giving you the best economy out of it. This is only waste of money. There are some causes to it, which are stated below

1: Incorrect Tire Pressure

 Every car has its own tire pressure. It is important to check and maintain the correct tire pressure accordingly to the car. It is the easiest way of getting the best fuel economy out of the car. You just must maintain the correct tire pressure, and it can be checked by the pressure gauge.

2: Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are one of the main components of the engine bay as it provides the sparks to the engine. And if your fuel economy is not good, then there should be an issue with the spark plugs. You should replace or clean them timely as it can affect the fuel economy of your car.

3: Driving Habits

 Yes, driving habits also reduces the fuel economy. But how? The way you drive your car is the key to fuel consumption. How can I fix my fuel economy? By driving your car gently, pushing the accelerator gently applying brakes gently. By doing this, you can get the maximum fuel economy out of the car.

4: Bad Fuel Injectors

Bad fuel injectors do the part of supplying fuel to the engine. If you’re having bad fuel millage, there might be a leak in the fuel injectors, or they need to be replaced.

5: Air Conditioner

 If you can’t drive without the ac, then you should skip this part, but our work is to help you, and we will do it anyway. Using ac can reduce the fuel millage, but no one is stopping you from using it. But if you want good fuel economy, just use the air conditioner responsibly. Open the windows when ac is not required

6: Motor Oil

 The type of the motor oil you use affects the gas millage. An incorrect oil can reduce the gas millage up to 14%. So, it is very important if you want a good gas mileage that you should use the recommended oil for your car.

7: Idling in winter

People normally doesn’t warm up their car. It only takes up to 30 to 40 seconds to perform this activity. Getting into a warm vehicle is better than getting into a cold one. And whenever you’re parked somewhere or waiting for someone, turn your engines off as it helps the environment and helps you to save fuel, and this leads towards good fuel millage.