Vibration issue in cars is common issue. Whether you are driving a new car or a used/old one. If you are driving a new car, there may come a time when you started to feel some vibrations in your car. It’s not a big deal or a problematic issue, but it is irritating. You don’t have to worry at all as it is really common issue, and we have listed all issues as well as their solutions under one roof. By this you don’t have to worry or go here and there to find the reasons or the solutions. Let’s begin

1: -Engine issues

One of the issues is engine issue. It is not so common, but it can happen to any car. This thing will affect your car from the engine bay. And some of the most common causes of this vibration are stated below: –


1-A dirty or clogged fuel filter.

2-Spark plugs not running smoothly.

3-poor air/fuel mixture in the piston.

4-Engine not getting enough air. If you’re feeling vibration during the acceleration or after driving for a short period of length, then these points can be the cause. But how you can get them fixed? Just take your car to service center and rest will be done by the professional mechanic.

2: -Uneven or bent axles, driveshaft

First, what are axle or driveshaft? These are long rotating shaft that are attached to your wheels, and they get power from the transmission and supply to your wheels. Axle, shafts are situated under the car. Uneven or bent axles, driveshaft can be the reason for cars vibration. They can bend, broken or damaged. They are quite durable, but this can happen, by collisions or driving into a ditch or driving over a speed bump. If this happens to you, just take your car to the service station or call out a mechanic. And we suggest you go get fixed this problem as soon as possible, because if you delay getting fixed this problem later on it can be more dangerous and costly.

3: -Warped or damaged brake rotors

While you’re driving, and you feel your car is shaking more or vibration when the brakes are applied, then might be your brake rotors are warped or damaged. Brake rotors are a disc shaped component of the modern braking system, they are responsible for applying pressure on the disc, and it will slow down your car or bring it to a complete stop. When the brake rotors are damaged, you’ll feel while applying brakes that your car isn’t slowing down properly, and your car starts to vibrate or tremble. This happens when you don’t change your brake pads regularly. And this vibration only happens while breaking. To fix this problem, just change your brake pads regularly, and we suggest you take your car to a mechanic and the rest will be done to him. You shouldn’t delay this process because breaking are the one main thing for a car.

4: -Misaligned or wobbly wheels

This a very easy to fix issue, your car can vibrate when your wheels are not aligned properly, means that your wheels are out of alignment. And as for an easy fix, just take your car to an alignment center, and they can easily align your wheels. But this also can happen if your wheel hub is damaged. This can happen when you drive your car roughly on rough terrains or over some speed bumps or potholes. If this is the reason, then take your car to mechanic, and he will fix it for you.

5: -Bad tires

Bad or uneven tires are one of the major causes for car vibration. A car vibrates with uneven tire wear because your tires may not rotate smoothly together. Underinflated tires can also cause extreme vibration when driving at high speed because your tires are not making equal contact with the road. Worn out tires or damages tires can also be an issue. It can have default from the factory, or you might have used them to their limit. This is the point where you need a mechanic to check whether you have to change your tires or there can be another issue.

6: -Steering issues

If your car vibrates, then it might be an issue of steering. In other words, your steering rack must have a problem, that’s why your car is vibrating. You can notice this problem when you drive on curve roads, make a turn, or apply brakes. To get this issue resolved, take your car to a professional as soon as possible.